Katie, Mariko, and Yoonmi met while studying mokuhanga in Japan in 2004, and have stayed in touch, continuing to learn and discuss the technique together.  Marking our 10 year anniversary, in 2014, we made our first collaborative work titled wood+paper+box.  This work was inspired by our first experiences of learning mokuhanga at Nagasawa Art Park in Japan, and highlights those initial impulses inspired by working, learning and living in a new place together.

Alabama+California+Kansas will be our second collaboration.  It will be inspired by the three states we each live in, and like wood+paper+box, we will be traveling to each other’s studios and mailing our works to each other.  At the end of this year, all our works will be collected in a handmade box.  This blog will document our individual studio activities, our studio visits, and amazing food we will share when we are together.



Katie Baldwin is an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at University of Alabama Huntsville. Her work investigates text, image, and the way in which narratives are built.

Mariko Jesse is a freelance illustrator and printmaker, currently based in San Francisco. Her artwork explores her ideas about sense of place, finding beauty in ordinary, humble objects.

Yoonmi Nam is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas.  Her work considers the cross-cultural experience and sense of transience throu­gh prints and drawings.

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